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Yoga + Yarn Workshops


These Yoga and Yarn Workshops will pop up regularly on here, so do look out for updates.

This is a creative healing Retreat centred around community and healing with knitting and Yoga @yoga_mindbodysoul_

These workshops are infused with so much vitality and a healing pathway of personal medicine that is deep within ourselves. Creative magic.
After years of exploring a myriad of yoga and art practices, this is a combined experience of both yoga and fibre art as meditation and creative healing.

**NEXT WORKSHOP WILL BE COMING SOON** So look out for updates for the next creative healing retreat.

Various Knit Workshops like Knitted wall hangings, Intuitive Scarf making and Freeform Jumper workshops are held at the beautiful Cornwall Hotel and Spa in Cornwall.

All materials and yarns are included and for you to take home ( yarn brand will be announced soon) plus a refreshing high Tea is provided.

For creativity during the seasons:
We focus on transition—the end of summer light (Yang energy) and/ or the welcome of the Autumn Winter Yin energy. A taste of each essence in body, creativity, mind and home.

These workshops will be filled with beautiful practices, of Surya Namaskara and Chandra Namaskara (gentle Sun and Moon Salutations) and a beautiful CREATIVE meditation with fiber art, creating a hand knitted items for your home, body and mind using various knit techniques and raw organic materials and yarns.

As we enter into or through the seasons, it's a beautiful time to connect or transition from summer to Autumn winter energy. Sealing it with the warmth and divine embodiment of CREATIVITY, I welcome you to experience Yoga practice, meditation, creativity and productivity and step into this vibrance, this healing and freedom.