About the Maker


F R E E D O M J E W E L S 
Artisan Knitwear and Jewelry 

IS a sustainable and earth loving range of knitwear, jewels, yoga and yarn workshops Inspired and founded upon a love for meditation, nature and a passion for freedom, colours and CREATIVITY.

I design and make all my own knitwear and jewelry, unless otherwise stated and love what I do .... I also teach yoga and love being a mum to my two boys, so alot of my inspiration comes from nature, movement and emotion which flows through the pieces I create and within the yoga and yarn workshops I host. 

Being in love with yoga and the mediative experience of knitting and creativity I infuse what inspires me into Creative Healing DIY Kits and wearable clothing through knit and crochet. 

am extremely passionate about using sustainable, ecological, organic and natural materials to create something more meaningful within every piece  - A soul essential brand of slow sustainable fashion and creative healing DIY Kits, that I hope inspire you to connect to yourself and nature more deeply. 

I have always had a love and flare for art, design, colours, fibre and creating and for me the process of making things is a ritual, with a ton of love and creative energy that I put into every piece, so this transfers directly to you —the wearer. I
believe that what you you wear is sacred and I am drawn to natural materials, beautiful yarns, textures and earth jewels that hold meaning and healing power. 

I grew up in a yarn shop that was within my childhood home, learning to knit since a very young child, I have always been drawn to the peaceful experience creativity brings, it was a comfort and escape within a chaotic home. It became something I connected to and I enjoyed it on and off, as well as dancing and singing in my bedroom...I know now, that much about releasing stress and sadness is finding your joy and going back to the things you did and loved as a child. 

Then the knitting came back to me during a time of illness in 2020, i was unwell and unable to practice the physical side of yoga for a while so I found peace and healing within the process of knitting and rememberd how soothing it was, it gave me joy within a real dark time.

My connection with making brings in a healing, for me creativity feels like meditation and that is why I love it so much!

So, now I have merged my work as a yoga teacher with the beauty of meditative knitting and fibre art and regularly hold space for yoga and yarn workshops that embody nature and a deeper connection to self. 

I hold a BA Honours Degree in teaching and learning, British School of yoga diploma and specialist pregnancy yoga and EFT Thearpy and I am looking to enrol in a knitting diploma to enhance my learning and continue this journey of creating. 


Materials I work with: 

I love working with raw and natural materials, handspun yarns, hand dyed processing, natural, organic, eco friendly, non toxic and biodegradable yarns, - Vegan and non-Vegan but all sustainably sourced, museling free and support biodiversity.

Your knitwear will include yarn type and you can follow the care instructions. All Crystals, metals and gemstones are genuine and scoured with care. 

• Pure organic cotton- meaning it is free of chemicals and pesticides, skin safe and earth friendly; because the earth literally takes 6 months or more to breathe after a cotton harvest! Organic cotton does not destroy the soils microbiome, so by using and wearing sustainable cotton you support the earth and our planet. 

• Biodegradable mohair
100% 0rganic wool
•  Merino wool
• Alpaca 
• Melted baby Suri 
•  Real Sari Silk which is handmade by women in India in support of the Womens Institute.

• Banana yarn ( Vegan)
• Bamboo ( Vegan) 
• Nettle yarn (Vegan)
• flax yarn (Vegan) 
and other natural hand spun mixed organic yarns are used and loved. 

Basically everything I make can go back to the earth or be recycled 🤎

Its amazing what the natural world creates and what beauty lays in the earth and we take alot from it! Creating and wearing from it mindfully is the least we can do to keep it that way. 

Unfortunately, fast fashion has taken the lead, with its low cost, plastic filled materials that destroy the earth and oceans. Factories are kicking out thousands of pieces in no time, but with little to no care for people or planet! 

Slow fashion changes that and I am passionate about it! Artists like myself who work to create in a way that is meaningful, sustainable and aligns with nature, wearing clothes with mindfulness, so you actually buy less because these pieces are made to last. 

Please be patient and respect that it takes time to create each piece, prices are set to include materials that are sourced with deep care and time taken to harvest in a slow sustainable way. 

- Natures way. 

I hope you love wearing these earth treasures...

Much Love 

Tina Pascoe