Customer Care Info


All items are made to last,  as long as you look after them!  A big part of slow fashion is also responsible consumption, paying for a piece you love that will go a long way- as it is made with quality and luxury natural materials that can last the test of time. 

Take care when cleaning to avoid any snags or your yarns shrinking and bobbling. It's really simple and easy to keep your knit pieces staying vibrant and loved and your jewels shiny and clean.  

Simply wash with care with the advice below and always store your knit pieces folded not hung. 

 For Jewelry its best to store in a box and away from any damp. Use a cleaning cloth to bring back a shine when needed. 

Yarn Care 

Cottons, Bamboo and Banana yarn: 
 You can machine wash pure cottons on a gentle/delicate wash if you trust your washing machine —but I always feel it's safer to handwash, so feel free to follow the instructions that apply for other yarns below.

Mohair, Wool, cashmere, Alpaca + Silk: 
Handwash Only-These fabrics are very delicate and the washing machine can damage it.
To hand wash, you can wash these pieces with a
neutral, mild detergent, preferably one that is Wool and silk recommended ( there are eco, fragrance free silk and wool options readily available and inexpensive ) or keep it simple by adding a little natural soap flakes to warm water for hand washing in a basin.  You can use a wash bag to put your garment in to avoid snagging- Rinse and towel dab the excess water from the piece - DRY FLAT!!!

you can lay your piece on a towel and put another towel on top. Do not wring. Just dry this way naturally. 

If your knitted piece have any ends appear, particularly after washing it will just be from the yarn tied together during the making process, simply tuck them back in.

Some thick wool fibres may also bobble a bit more after wear but you can get a yarn fibre comb to tame and continue to care for it 🤎

Enjoy wearing your beautiful piece.