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Manifestation Meditation Ritual Knit Kit


This is a Creative Manifestation Knit Kit.

A creative meditation guide that goes beyond mediative knitting and into intention setting ritual.

A mindfulness practice of setting intentions within the knots, stitches and rounds of knitting.
The project uses intarsia techniques with ritual and the Law of attraction-Visualisation skills, which is a powerful ritual that helps you achieve your goals.
Creating new freedoms for yourself, your lifestyle and mindset to open a gateway for healing and living better.

This kit contains everything you need to practice your Manifesting Mediation and you can choose from 2-3 box colour kits for an intuitive variation. Kits include everything you need to sink into this beautiful practice of creativity, ritual, and intention setting, whilst creating something beautiful and meaningful that represents your visions, dreams and desires. For a life worth living.

To find your Joy and your Nature 💙

Stay updated here and on my social to discover kit contents, yarn brand and the rital practices for this power of intention kit.

** Coming Soon **

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