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Breath Work + Knitting practices


Join me for deeply relaxing and healing breath work practices whilst enjoying the experience of knitting.

Learn the power of breath medicine ( pranayama) to soothe your nervous system and come back to neutrality.

All tools and materials are provided for you, with a sharing of yarns and fibres. This class is a free hand relaxed knit flow, with opportunities to learn new skills, build on exsisting knowledge and knitting skills within a relaxed space.
These sessions allow you to connect back to yourself, connect to others and the cycles and changes in nature as well as the cycles within yourself. With our monthly themes being centred around nature and cycles within you, to inspire and create something beautiful within yourself and with some yarn!

You will be guided into breath meditation through the session, learning to create pause and connection in your life and find moments of joy for yourself.

Please contact to express interest.
I would love this group Class to take off as a monthly practice.

Chosen day of the week- Tuesday or Thursday 10am-11.30am