Vintage Scrap Yarn Bundle


DIY Workshop Kit

This is an opportunity for you to enjoy and explore a variety of luxury Vintage Scrap Yarns…

A bundle of beautiful yarns, textures and colours for you to get creative, knit, crochet or weave to your heart’s desire.
You can mix the yarns to bring two strands of yarn together, let the yarns stand out using a contrast of thick then thin and have fun with thin yarn on big needles!

Project bag ideas: From these bundles you could create a wall hanging, hair scrunchies, multi texture scarf, bra top, place mats, a purse, swatch squares in picture frames … the list is endless.

No two bundles are the same, but they will carry an avarage weight of at least 250g-300g of yarn and include a set of 9mm bamboo needles.

This gorgeous gift box of yarn will hold a variety of mixed suprise fibres, find anything from cotton cords, roven, biodegradable mohair, organic cotton, organic merino, ribbon, wool, alpaca, and sari silk.

A mix of cool and warm colours are put together or message to request any preferences. I have cool shades, warm shades, neutrals or vibrants.

Happy Creating!

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