Gold Brass Ruby Hoops


Stunning Statement Earings!!
Oval hoop shape with real rubies dropped from the middle to free hang.
A gradient of light to darker pink Ruby shades.

Artisan hand crafted gold brass.

This oval shape represents uniqueness and individuality, as well as pushing boundaries while still respecting and honoring tradition. Because the oval is the shape of an egg, this shape also symbolizes fertility, rebirth, and family.

For centuries, rubies have signified passion, love and protection. Ancient warriors in Burma and China adorned their armor with Ruby gems to provide protection in battle.

A drop of the heart's blood of Mother Earth"" is how the ruby is described in the Orient. The Indians call the ruby Ratnanayaka, the lord of the gemstones. The Hindus called the ruby the king of precious stones and the leader of gems.

The ruby is known as a protective stone that can bring happiness, vitality and passion into the life of the wearer.

The Rubies and Oval shape together form a beautiful meaning and I hope you feel beautiful wearing them.